The Dungeons of Ireland

At the end of September 2011 Class Media once more travels the world to create the fantasies you deserve at the most wonderful locations. This time our tour is entirely BDSM themed to create new stunning movies for

Somewhere in the country of Ireland, in a beautiful, forgotten and abandonned castle that originates from the Middle Ages, we will stay one week in the company of three beautiful slave girls.

All week long these beauties will be abused, tested and punished severely while pushing their physical limits to the extreme. A living hell for one week… they long for it already!

Become a part of this exclusive BDSM experience

During the shootings, these gorgeous girls will be assisted by a male slave who will be used as a human dildo, who will lick the girls clean after they have been used, who treats their injuries, washes them and feeds them (but is always unrecognizable). The rest of the week he joins the team in a friendly atmosphere in the castle.

That could be you!

We are looking for a sympathetic man who enjoys to be serving the girls and our entire production during our BDSM week and who understands and appreciates this exclusive opportunity.

There will be no room for men who cannot control themselves: before accepting you as part of the team the producer will conduct a short intake with you by phone.

If you have specific fantasies we are open to discuss them upfront and fit them into our shooting schedule as long as they are compatible with our setup.

Please note that there will be no domina present.

Only one seat available

We only have one seat for this incredible BDSM week - so decide quickly if you want to join us!

All-inclusive price is 2.495 euros (includes airline tickets, accommodation, catering and traveling - everything!)

If you're interested and for more information contact us directly at phone number +31 115 567 000 or through our Customer Service page.